I did a short interview for Sex City Radio at the University of Toronto's radio station. You should go check it out if you want!


Another Dale Does Draw! I got $100 from Ghalib (!) which was good because my family was embarrassed by my old shoes so I bought some new ones while I was visiting home. Thanks Ghalib!


I was finally able to grab the files off of an old busted laptop, which lets me finally keep doing Dale Does Draws! I got $30 from Hannah, which was very considerate since I needed some new headphones. I broke my old pair accidentally by stepping on them because I am a mess. Thank you Hannah! If you'd like to donate and get a drawing (a long time after you donate) click on that little "Donate" button on the left!


Hey friends some news!

1. I am hosting an event in Baltimore that is a fundraiser for a badass local non-profit. If you're in town come through for sure!

2. I have two new scenes out from Kink.com! I was in Men on Edge and Bound Gods, which is sweet to think of me as a god I suppose. You should definitely go check them out! Kink is a sweet company to work for for sure.

3. I got a sweet new portrait from . You can go check it out in the submissions section. Thanks mister!


Two fun things:

1. I will be speaking at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health's Department of Population, Family, and Reproductive Health this upcoming Wednesday, February 10, 2016. It will be a super exciting talk, where I will be discussing health policy, law, and the influence of money in sex work.

2. I will also be doing an event on the stage of the Creative Alliance that same night, called 4-play, which brings two sex educators and two comedians to discuss sex! This topic this month is blowjobs! As the foremost expert on blowjobs, I will be excited to take part in this event. Get tickets if you live in the area here.


Super flattered to have received this fan art from ! Thank you much! You can see more over in the submissions section!


I got a new submission from Carlos JGM which is me doing some bushido blade realness and I love it. Thanks, Carlos! Super flattered. Check out his other work on and right now.


NEW PORN: for MakeLoveNotPorn.
It's kind of weird because you have to make an account to even look at it, but Rocco Steele and I will get a portion of the proceeds from each sale of the video. So, you know, go buy it! It is super good and we had some awesome people participate in it.


The new Sex Machine looks like a pretty nice guy. Many thanks to Thorsten Schröder of the and Die Zeit Online.


There is something with me and some other super cool sex workers in it re: Coming Out Like a Porn Star in Vice, so you can go check that out if you want.


I got new submissions from and , of the fantastic Oh Joy! Sex Toy. Thank you, Leo and Erika!


I Went to a Church to Watch Porn and Fund Planned Parenthood is the title of an article in ArtFCity about the screening I did in Baltimore. Photo credit: ; still is of Stoya's Graphic Depictions.



Red Emma's Cooperatively-Owned Communist Book Store and Coffee Shop / Roastery is hosting the book release party for Coming Out Like a Porn Star. and come if you're in Baltimore!


Hey there are two scenes of me and Rocco Steele having sex on his website! You should definitely go purchase both of them immediately.


Out today from RayDragon media is a new porno I am in. It is super exciting! You should go check it out!


Two more donation comics, this time from Bryan and Charles. Bryan gave me $30, and I used it to buy a BoltBus ticket to NYC, where I sat by a pond! It was pretty cool of Bryan. Thanks, Bryan! Even cooler, Charles donated $50 during my charity fundraiser, and he asked for a portrait of Allen Silver, so I did that.


Two new Dale Does Draws: $10 each from Jay and Krystyl. Thank you both!


Hey I am going to be in this super cool story collection that is coming out in November of this year. If you want a copy you should ask your local super cool independent bookstore to order you a copy / stock it, or I guess you could pre-order it from Amazon.


NEW PORN: I did a shoot with Tim from Tim Tales! You should go check it out!


Slutever did a wonderful interview with me which was very nice. We talked about techniques for lasting longer in bed, blow-jobs, being a porn actor, and PrEP. Check it out.


The person pictured here fucked me on TimTales.com you should probably go purchase the scene right now.


Three new submissions! From and and Dan! Thanks everybody! Check them out!


GayGamer.net and Kinky.com both published a lovely article on the geeks of gay porn, where I am happily included! It was written by ! Check it out!

Also, NEW PORN! I am in a new Ray Dragon joint called NOT ON THE SOFA, where I get cum all over the aforementioned sofa. Huzzah! Go purchase it right now.


Very excited to announce that I will be the guest curator for this year's Wonderlust Festival in Helsinki. It is to be held June 4th through the 6th. You should totally come!


I got an awesome new submission from Lena! Thank you so much!


Chris gave me $1,100, which I used to pay off a chunk of my crushing student loan debt. Which is the reason I started doing porn to begin with. Thanks a ton, Chris.


Thanks much to Shannon who donated $25 to me so I could keep smoking.

I don't do it anymore unless I'm drunk, but I do miss it.


Trying to knock these out. Appreciate everyone's patience / totally giving up on me lol. 10 from Juily, which was spent on a bottle of wine.


BAM DID ANOTHER ONE. Thank you Jeremy for helping me to get home to see my family!


OH DOUBLE SNAP here's another Dale Does Draw done and done. $13.37 from Nicholas and so I went and bought some of the cat food which has the really good art on it. You know the one?


OH SNAP got another one done: $25 from Krista which I bought some carrots, celery, onions, milk and olive oil with. Thank you so much Krista!


Got a new Dale Does Draw which is super exciting. It was $25 from Chris and I spent it on a hamburger and some fries and a couple of happy hour beers at a local brewery. It was mighty tasty, so thank you so much Chris!

Also I wrote something for Jiz Lee's upcoming collection of stories called Coming Out Like A Pornstar, so stay tuned for that.

Happy new year everyone!


New Dale Does Draw! $30 from Amara for a pizza pizza.

I did two others but now I can't find them which suxxxx

And twitter-person made me a portrait and it is over in the submissions section. Thank you!



Porn: me & Johnny Hazzard did a scene over at Men.com go check it out!!!


gobble gobble.


I got a new portrait! Thanks mightily to for the lovely painting! I am flabbergasted, yes I am.


Presidential Grindr

Hey I got an . Because I wanted to join in the great "I am porn star Dale Cooper" Instagram games.


France Inter's Team Time Club interviewed me and then chopped out a few minutes of it for a segment they were producing on "sexuality and sexiness across the globe." I sound really dumb in it, but go check it out. I think I am like halfway or so through the recording.

Also: I have no idea what they're saying in it so if anyone wants to give me a heads-up on how the program was that would be pretty chill. This is my bio:

l'acteur Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper tourne dans des films pornographiques. Il nous parle des critères de beauté et des ses tatouages.


Nightcharm did a quick and dirty little interview with me, and it's up on their site, so you should totally check it out! They say some very nice things about me which I am certain must not be true, but it was very kind of them to say those things.


NEW PORN: and I are in a new porn! It is called Lust Fuck and you should go check it out! New from Men.com!

Colt is super sweet by the way, a very nice guy. Y'all should all say "Hi" to him and I bet he would smile and politely respond. He has a very nice smile!


I will be in Houston for QFest, a film festival! I am super excited.

On Saturday, I will be speaking at the Aurora Picture Show in a discussion entitled "Sweetest Taboos," about porn and sex and cameras! Please come.

On Sunday, the 27th, my "short film" (lol!) Golden Calf will be shown at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston! SECOND TIME I'M IN A MUSEUM SUCK IT.




NEW PORN: Men.com has released my scene with and it is called Rise and Grind and it can be seen here.

NEW PARISIAN NEWSPAPER ARTICLE: Libération has printed a big article about fellow porn actor Colby Keller and myself. It is behind a paywall and it is in French, but if you subscribe to Libération and want to check it out go ahead. I haven't read it because of those reasons but have been told in it my penis is called a "cutlass."


Hi there! Dale still does porn! I just filmed something for Ray Dragon Media and something should be coming out of Men.com soon, so keep your eyes peeled and all that.

I did an interview with Pop and Films, a French blog, that asked me about some of my favorite things. It's over here if you'd like to check it out.

Three new Dale Does Draws, all part of the charity fundraiser I did: I got $100 from David who asked for a self-portrait (please no more requests for self-portraits--they're not my favorite), $50 from Angela, who asked for a portrait of a bike, and $75 from Jennifer, who did not specify what she wanted so I drew one of my video game crushes, Alistair from Dragon Age: Origins wearing Morrigan's starting outfit. Thank y'all so much for donating to a worthy cause!

Also did a little mini-update to my All The Boys I Have Ever Loved thing, to reflect my growing affinity for Joel from the Last of Us. Hope you're well!


Wham! Two whole new Dale Does Draws. Jacob, who donated $30 while I was doing my charity fundraiser, asked for a portrait of a lamp. My friend Jai makes some pretty awesome lamps from gourds, so I drew a portrait of one of his lamps. You should go check out his lamp gallery. Angela also gave $50 for that charity fundraiser, and she asked for a picture of a bike, so I drew an old cartoon of a velocipedestrienne which was supposed to make the "new woman" on bicycles seem uncouth and unladylike but instead made them look badass. Thanks Angela and Jacob!

And feel free to donate while you're visiting the site! That would be super awesome!


Hi Internet! I forget to update this a lot. My bad. I think I was in some porn that may be coming out? Or have come out? Let me check.

Yes, I think I have one thing out from Men.com where I smash a bottle over someone's head! Awesome! You should go buy it immediately.

I knocked out some Dale Does Draw donations today, too, and am trying to get back on the bandwagon with those. Sorry, I have been busy but all of you are awesome.


WOW you guys donated almost $800 for Moveable Feast, a non-profit in Baltimore, Maryland that provides meals and transportation services free of charge to low-income Marylanders with HIV, advanced cancers, and other potentially debilitating conditions. That is pretty badass.

Feel free to still donate, but from now on the money is going back to me. You can go donate to charities in your own name whenever you want tho.


From a friend:

The Four Degrees of Separation between
Dale Cooper and Vladimir Putin

1. Dale Cooper is in an art installation by Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard (source, in which he says I am "kind of stiff" and "alright!")

B. Bjarne Melgaard was made famous and infamous by Russian art guru Dasha Zhukova (source)

C. Dasha Zhukova's partner is the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich (source)

D. Roman Abramovich installed Vladimir Putin! (source)

"Abramovich was the first person to originally recommend to Yeltsin that Vladimir Putin be his successor as the Russian president. When Putin formed his first cabinet as Prime Minister in 1999, Abramovich interviewed each of the candidates for cabinet positions before they were approved. Subsequently Abramovich would remain one of Putin's closest confidants. In 2007 Putin consulted in meetings with Abramovich on the question of who should be his successor as president - Medvedev was personally recommended by Abramovich."


1. There is a new porn being released that has me in it! Queer Me Now has some pictures if you want to check them out! In those pictures you can definitely tell that I wear a one-strap messenger bag due to my bacne patterning! >.< At least it's not from steroids.

2. The Lambda Literary Foundation posted a discussion I had with on Samuel Delany's Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand over at the their website. If you like porn actors for some reason discussing legendary queer science fiction then it comes highly recommended.

3. I did another Dale Does Draw: $30 from Fi! Which I used to buy toiletries. Which is very exciting. Go check it out!


I am in a museum! Here is some surreptitiously recorded video of the video I am in at the Whitney Biennial:

Go check me out on the third floor, in Bjarne Melgaard's room (it's on the left as you exit the elevators or stairwell). It runs through the 25th of May, so if you're in NYC before then go check it out and be a patron of the arts.

I also some got fan art from , which has been posted over in the submissions section. Thanks so much, Kevin! I am humbled.


I received six nominations for the Grabbys, which are like the TV Guide Awards for porn.



Hi! Wow, a whole month without an update. I hope you've been able to entertain yourselves, somehow. With videos of cats, maybe.

A new Dale Does Draw! Lots of groceries!! Thanks, Milkah!!! Finally. More will be coming.

And three whole new submissions of drawings of yours truly! By the awesomest people you never met. You're welcome to go check them out.


Hi there internet friends! Two things:

1. I got a new submission of fan art! Yay! It was done by . I am a fan of my floral wreath.

2. There is new porn to report, by the excellent Ray Dragon Media. I am in the army in this one! I also got to play with Ray's most excellent doggies, though that wasn't on camera. I love their doggies! I also got to play with Andrew Justice, doggy style. I love doggy style!


Kent gave me another $100 to cover the other half of the bike that I used his first donation of $100 to buy half of. Thanks Kent!


Oh hey check it out! My friend the camera man and another anonymous friend got together and made a new video for Make Love Not Porn! Here are some still to entice you:

So head on over to the website. If you haven't made an account, you should! It's free to create and see the previews for videos, and they don't spam you with useless shit all of the time like some people. They have classy weekly video issues. They're a pleasure to receive. Really!

EDIT: Man are those pics low-res!


Hi friends. I did another Dale Does Draw. I got $10.00 from Francisco, and I spent slightly more than that on some soap. It was on sale!

It was also brought to my attention that someone drew Colby Keller and I in the wintertime! I put it up in the submissions section, even though it actually wasn't submitted to me. I just like it, is all.

I hope you're well. Some new porn coming from Make Love Not Porn soon. Like next week?


CarlesGOD had an awesome U.S. tour and happened to stop by my home town of Baltimore! He is a really cool dude in addition to being a fantastic and creative artist, as well as propagandist for anal play. You may recall I was honored to learn a while back that the protagonist in the comic is based visually on me. I highly recommend you check out his work. He signed a copy for me! I will cherish it forever.

I also updated Dale Does Draw, with a drawing for Kayla! I read a book about some gibbon and forgot to turn it back in for a while. Thank you, Kayla, for covering my late fees.

Oh and also:



Hi there!

There is some more porn up! I am going to have to make a list, because there are two things:

1. Men.com: the sequel to the "New Guy," called the "New Guy Part 2," featuring myself (as a professor, again!) and Colden Armstrong (as the new guy);
2. Cockyboys: "A Thing of Beauty, the Making of," which is actually also a porno, featuring myself and Gabriel Clark, who is super adorkable in person, by the way.

I got an awesome drawing from Ilya! Which is exciting. I rather like it. It is hanging in the submissions section.

Also: A new Dale Does Draw! I bought some white briefs and black coffee with $20 from Andrew. Thanks, Andrew! You can find it in the usual place. Go donate, if you want a drawing yourself. Just know that I am suuuuuper slow at getting the drawings to you, which I like to think means that I am just frugal. Just ask Andrew.


Some new and exciting things have happened:

1. The Awl, tagline: "Be Less Stupid," ran a very nice interview with me a few days ago.
2. The Daily Xtra, which is a gay publication out of my favorite northern-neighboring country, also ran something that mentioned me, also with very nice and flattering words.
3. There is new porn out of CockyBoys. My first DP! Every boy remembers his first. I hear there is poetry involved? Go find out for yourselves.
4. My problems with PayPal have been resolved. So, you know, go check out my drawings.


Oh hi there.

I did a big Dale Does Draw update, finally. Thanks Ben, Varun, and Gregg! I got a day job as a bike courier so my free time has tanked--finally got around to them.

Also: I had my Paypal account "limited" because my website has "adult images" on it. So if you can't make donations but still want to, shoot me an email until I resolve my Paypal issues!

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the generosity. It's been quite humbling.


Two things:

1) New porn! Austin Wilde fucks me out of sweatpants for Guys in Sweatpants!

2) My friend Sara interviewed Colby Keller and I for Baltimore's fine citizen-journalist run Indy Reader.


I just got back from San Francisco Pride where I was hanging out with two lovely boys from Men.com! Keep a look out for some fun scenes from them that involve me.

My nose is sunburnt a little bit.

I got a very generous donation, too! I used it to buy half of a (new to me) bike! Thanks, Kent!


Porn! Cockyboys and Raging Stallion!!!

Also: I deleted my Facebook. Sorry.


Thanks to Cat and Girl for the lovely shout-out! I stole the Dale Does Draw idea from her and she was kind enough to not only oblige me but featured me to boot. Gosh. And who says the internet is only full of trolls?


First off, there is a new video featuring Colby Keller and myself up on Make Love Not Porn. I think you should go check it out. We worked really hard on it.

Two whole new submissions! One from the excellent CarlesGOD of the Anal Liberation Front, and one from the also excellent . Thank you both so much! I am touched.


A new Dale Does Draw!

Don't forget to donate if you are feeling particularly charitable and you want to make me feel particularly excited.

Also note: if you bought books for me off of , I know that it is terribly unfair that I've been doing these drawings and not your thank-you photos. I PROMISE THEY WILL ACTUALLY BE COMING AND I LOVE YOU. There are spreadsheets being made, and since I didn't know at first that spreadsheets would have to be involved I am being horrible about it all. But I <3 spreadsheets so all is well. Those photos are totally coming.


Some updates: Dale Does Draw has been updated (finally, sorry I am slow as hell), and I get a submission, to boot! So exciting! Go check them out.


Hi Internet-nation. Do you enjoy guys? What about sweatpants? What about guys folding sweatpants and then having sex?

If you answered yes to any of the above than my new scene from Guys in Sweatpants may be for you. Also: I've decided I have the best photo of all of the models on their "Models" page. I'm sure you'll agree. It's hard to tell, but the letter cut off on the side of that mug is a "T." And the handle... looks like a "C," right? Get it?!


You remember how I sometimes have hastily-written, poorly edited things in the Huffington Post? There is a hastily-written, poorly edited piece on Bradley Manning, SF Pride, and Jason Collins now, if you like that sort of thing. It's also up in the Writing section.

Also: a new portrait! It's over in the Submissions section.


There is new porn! Huzzah!!!

You can find it:

1. At Ray Dragon's website,
2. At Cockyboys, a preview of my trip to Mexico,
3. And at Raging Stallion, where I think I have two of them: one for Monster Bang, and one that is circus themed! Super fun.

Isn't that all exciting? I like to think so. I have a few entries lined up for Dale Does Draw, too. Once I get home I will post them, sure will.


Hi friends. There is some new porn that has been made available:

1. The Haunting, over at Cockyboys, ft. Jake Steele
2. The Cover Up, over at Naked Sword, ft. JD

They are both super-exciting projects that do some work at pushing the boundaries of the staid art form that we call gay male pornography. Do check them out.


NEW PORN: Rocco Reed and I over at Men.com.

NEW DONATION COMIC: $50.00 from Benjamin. My friend had never been to a seder before! So with the help of my very first donation, we had our own. It was super fun. Ben's comic is on its way to him via the post. Yours could be too--donate with the help of that button over on the left, if you'd like.



Hi, internet. Some things have happened recently. Most importantly, what you see above. I went to the Black Party. Which, if you've never been, is, like, totally nuts. I am nursing a hangover with a cup of tea.

I got some portraits: one of my penis by the excellent , one by , and one by a good man named Richard L. They can be found over in the Submissions section, if you're curious, and if you came here, I suspect you are.

What else? Let's see. I've been doing some work, which will be coming up soon, probably. I guess I should wait for it to come out and then talk about it? They involve Oaxaca, Dustbowl-era clown make-up, public speaking, and graffiti. I've been reading a lot. Getting the garden ready for spring. I need to fix my bike.

I hope you're doing well.


V-DAY is over contest!!! The theme was the image above. Thank you all for your entries. The winner is:

"room full of beautiful men; all I wanna do is get boned, & all they wanna do is sit on my massive dick. sometimes it's a curse"

For his winning entry, A. Henderson will receive a lovingly-used copy of Roland Barthes' A Lover's Discourse. Congratulations, A., and thanks to everyone for their lovely entries!

ALSO: Porn!!! As follows:

1. Mighty Men!
2. Men.com!
3. Ray Dragon!


Once again, I am honored to have been presented with another portrait of myself. This time, it is me as an 8-bit figure, with a Castlevania whip!

Just FYI, I also like artistic works that aren't me-centric.


Can you believe how many portraits I have gotten? I can not believe how many portraits I have gotten. Another, this time it is me as MOTHERFUCKING RAMUH, the MOTHERFUCKING SUMMON from the MOTHERFUCKING FINAL FANTASY SERIES!!!

Isn't that super rad? Everyone knows that Bolt is the best elemental magic, and that Ramuh is the chillest Esper. If I looked like that I would totally do me. It's from the most excellent Varsam Kurnia Suwandi, who has a twitter handle which is:

Also: did you know I did porn? There's something new and it's somewhere buried under the massive continuous content uploads that Men.com does, or so I've been told. And Ray Dragon recently released a video called Lunchtime Milking Club, in which I am milked.


I got me a fancy portrait, yes I did! It's over in the Submissions section.

UPDATE (01.28.2013): I got another one! It's in the submission section, too.


Cockyboys has a new porno that I am in, with a super cute and de-bearded Tommy Defendi.


R.I.P. Aaron Swartz. I wrote something in the Huffington Post about the U.S. attorney for Massachusetts bullying him, which is sad. I'll update the Writing section as well.


A friend painted a pretty portrait of me!


A new scene of mine has been released is about to be released has been released over at Cockyboys. It's me and Anthony Romero. They took some pretty pictures of it.


ATTN: People who have bought books for me from my wishlist

If you purchased any of the following books, they have not yet found their way to me, and I think more than enough time has elapsed. These books appear as "purchased" on my wishlist but I have not heard from the sellers and have no way to contact them, nor the fantastic person who purchased them for me. Again, if you bought one of these books for me, please ask the seller on Amazon what the status of the shipment is, because I don't want you to have wasted your cash, and I want the books so I can send my thank you!

- Beyond the Closet: The Transformation of Gay and Lesbian Life
- Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy
- Crack Wars: Literature, Addiction, Mania
- Why is Sex Fun?: The Evolution of Human Sexuality
- I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream
- Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality
- The Human Use of Human Beings: Cybernetics and Society
- Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man
- Camp
- On the Museum's Ruins
- Humiliation


My next scene for Cockyboys is officially out. It's a ghost story. Unfortunately, I am neither a ghost nor a ghost buster, but regardless I am really excited to have been involved in this project. For reals! I was, though, made in to a curio for it:


"'Popping D.O.’s Cherry' is a major event in the gay porn industry," says Lucas Entertainment, and I can only assume that is because I am in it. No, I did not pop D.O.'s cherry. No, I do not know who D.O. is or what D.O. stands for. And no, I've never liked that euphemism.


I am now officially a Cocky Boy (tm)! Though I always considered myself more of a bumptious boy than a cocky boy.


Are you discreet / discrete / dis Crete?


The Sword has released some stills from the upcoming production I am in for Raging Stallion, stills in which I look like I may be either heartbroken or high. Either way, who needs steroids when you have Photoshop?!

And I just wrapped up some shooting for Cockyboys, where I am in a ghost story! Instagram is very good for communicating that certain semblance of a haunting. Remember, kids: exorcise regularly.

I am grateful to be back home with a mug of something warm.


A preview of one of my scenes in MEN IN THE SAND has gone live over at Ray Dragon's most excellent pornucopia.


GOLDEN CALF: a new collaboration with thisismyfakename, of DUCKY fame, featuring Colby Keller, of BUNNY fame.


A new article in the Huffington Post on Measure B's condom usage mandate in Los Angeles County pornography. It's also here in the Writing section.


An update to the Submissions section! A most excellent psychedelic collage of yours truly. Thank you, Sissydude!


Manscapes update: MUSCLE BEAR vs. OTTER


All the boys I have ever loved are now all lined up for easy viewing.


RSS feed is up and running. It's on your left, near the bottom.


Thanks to my insomnia for the site reorganization and update. RSS Feed is next on the list.


The Huffington Post posted an article I penned about the tensions of torsos touching on Grindr.


Welcome to the No Photo Gallery. For no reason at all.


These people and things are different looking:

Also: new porn! Over at Men.com.


You didn't know I was still alive, did you? I am totally still alive.

On that note, the has been a resounding success. Thank you all for your misguided charity. However, I have received TWO books that no one has claimed as having bought for me! Are YOU responsible for this low resolution photo?

Roland Barthes' S/Z and John Howard's Men Like That: where did you come from? Shoot me an email so I know who to thank, and a big "OMG TY" to everyone who has contributed to my alternative education.


President Obama and Chief Justice Roberts look like they're about to consummate their oath.


Don't you hate when you have extra cash lying around? Wish you could spend it on me? It's a common feeling.

Introducing: the Dale Cooper Wish List. I need books that I cannot afford, so if you get them for me that would be, like, totally awesome. Every person who gets me a book will receive a personalized thank you photograph of me masturbating to the particular book that he/she bought, as well as a hand-written note!

Act now, before all of the books get bought up for me, because, naturally, everyone is going to want to do this.


My first scene has gone live on Randy Blue. Isn't that exciting? If you're a fan of chiaroscuro then maybe head over and check out the photo shoot.

I also got a .


I've got something else on the Huffington Post now: Queer Money.


New section: Extra Credit!

And the first entry: "Thus Spake Zarathustra" Chapter Title or Pornographic Film?


The sissy dude over at sissydude.com seems to like the cut of my jib. Thanks, sissy.

Also: apparently a video of me being fucked by the one and only Colby Keller is up on Men.com, so you can check that out, too. He really tore my asshole up that day.


S2R update: HULKING MACHO FANTASY. Also, it got posted on the the Huffington Post.


Anteros Media launches today. Isn't that exciting? It features my disembodied voice reading erotica and also videos of me having sex.

Anteros is the Greek god of requited love. So, to celebrate, here is a love letter generated by a computer to its love-object:


You had no idea I was a Gay Voice, did you? Readers of Huffington Post, or, as they affectionately call it, the HufflePuff (I'm told), were already aware of this. If you weren't, then where could you possibly get your news from? The original websites HP aggregates from?


My head is still a-spinnin' from all them bike wheels a-turnin'. To celebrate, Mighty Men released a video featuring myself and everyone's favorite size-14 shoed porn star.


Did you know I am an official member of the Press Corps for AIDS LifeCycle11? I am just as floored as you are. Want to follow along? I will be guest blogging over at Big Shoe Diaries and on the AIDS LifeCycle Experience website. Super exciting.


What's going on in Room 742? Check it out at Ray Dragon Media. Looks a lot like another porno featuring yours truly. It just hit the shelves and I hope y'all enjoy it. Truly.


I did some "art" for an artist. You can find it in the / Manscape section of the website.

Happy May Day!


I dressed up like GRINDR for this most recent Raw. Here's the grinding I got while I was working:

Traveler: Hot! ;-) Are you really working Cobalt?!! You're a dual professional! ;-)


JJ: Hey man. How's it going? (pic) (pic)

What's up

Ste: cute pic mate

Charlie: Haha saw you at cobalt!

Duponter: Hi


Gold Star: Disney would be much better with characters like u.

Hi How r u Nice body man (pic)


G: Hey what's up

Sexy pic!


Things are about to get real. I am now a live cam model for Randy Blue. Isn't that exciting? If you can't afford it put me on layaway. Also check out Colby Keller and my cam show on there, which happens regularly. There's probably some apparatus on the site that will let you know when we're on or something.


S2R update: PENETRATED. Took me a while, sorry. Not like you'll read it, anyway.


Via Le Tag Parfait via :

"Still sporting a # white brief, a hipster version of Jake Gyllenhaal, a key to take TwitPics of his hairy legs in the bath, a day after cooked. After a good two minutes to play with us and black ducks, smile with the blur, full of plastic underpants, his mustache is becoming less and less innocent, and that is soaring in the wild briefs, where the porn Dale Cooper shakes down in the middle of her back jets reciprocal of soapy water and cum.

Dale go, we both listen to Idioteque, come play in my bathtub, just cum in my bathtub, my roommate as she likes ducks. I promise I will buy the bubble bath Spider-Man."

Je vous remercie, je pense.


Mercy, the intersection of Me and Internet has seen a lot of traffic lately. In addition to that black and white thing below, something else happened. I am featured (mostly penetrated, but I hear that's in this year) in Dirty Director, from Ray Dragon Media and Jake Deckard. Those boys can be rough, let me tell ya.

Here is a picture of me sporting Colby Keller's cum:



From the creator of BUNNY.


Oh man. I have just been so busy. Sorry I didn't call. It won't happen again.

I guess there are some updates:

I did some work with Jake Deckard. Really, Jake just worked me over. It's supposed to be out from Ray Dragon Media this Friday.

I did some work with Men.com, too. That's out in the future, probably. Check it out, if you're in to that kind of thing.

Übermensch and belletrist Colby Keller and I do this thing sometimes on the internet, where you get to watch us do dirty things to one another. If your travels through the ether bring you to Randy Blue Live, stop by and give us a "Howdy, y'all!"

Oh, I also danced at Raw (again) in DC (I know) the last Saturday in March. Sorry if I spilled finger paint on you. Sorry if you didn't get to finger paint me. I'll be doing it again in April, so instead of spending the weekend at B. Dalton's (again) browsing the used CD racks and checking out the otter over in the Cookbook section, consider giving me singles.


There is now a submissions section, and the first submission is by the most excellent George G. of Project 365. It is me as the protagonist of an anime. Simply blown away, am I.


S2R update: PREDATION.


"I didn't know what hate felt like, not the hate that comes after love. It's huge and desperate and it longs to be proved wrong. And every day it's proved right it grows a little more monstrous. If the love was passion, the hate will be obsession. A need to see the once-loved weak and cowed beneath pity. Disgust is close and dignity is far away. The hate is not only for the once loved, it's for yourself too; how could you ever have loved this?"
- Jeanette Winterson


"As your lover describes you, so you are."
- Jeanette Winterson

Happy VD! Isn't it funny how you may be in another place, or you may say that you are happy, but it's always the one who took your heart who has final say? I wouldn't have signed that contract, but signing is easy and thrilling and fun and smells like fate. Oh, well.


There's now a section for whenever I cook something ridiculous.


In 2010, Cosmopolitan magazine asked 51 bachelors from across the United States: "Do you manscape?"


S2R update: MEAT MARKET. And a shout-out to the unwitting model for my illustration, Michael Martin, who is not a butcher.

Also: don't cough so hard that you puncture your lung.



What is gay face? Who has gay face?


S2R update: KILLER APP.


Gay men use so many words.


S2R update: GRINDR HACK.


There are now superheroes with safer sex superpowers.


I started a project called Send 2 Receive. You can find it on the navigation bar on the left. It's not really all that interesting. Maybe.


I'm going to be dancing at Raw on NYE in DC. Bring singles.


Users on Porn Hub seem to think my visage in my first porno, a la Ray Dragon Media, is reminiscent of the Prince of Persia. Y'all sure know how to make a greenhorn feel welcome, though the only prince I'm familiar with is this one.


Someone brought to my attention that I have been blogged about on the Manhunt blog, which I think is probably a good thing. Many thanks to Colby Keller for the birthday memories, the tasty, tasty cake, and his seemingly endless supply of handsome.


The website is officially up and running.